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Industrial and Operations Engineering

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Judy Jin | Faculty

Judy Jin

Professor, Industrial & Operations Engineering

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Short Bio

Jionghua (Judy) Jin is currently a professor in the IOE Department and the Director of Manufacturing Engineering Program of Integrative Systems and Design Division at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on data fusion and system informatics for better comprehension and operation of engineering systems and decision-making for quality and reliability assurance. Her research innovation and broad industrial impacts have been recognized by numerous awards, including nine Best Paper Awards from IIE Transactions, Industrial Engineering Research Conference, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress, and International Conference on Frontiers of Design and Manufacturing; the Forging Achievement Award from Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation, and the CAREER and PECASE Awards from NSF. She is currently serving as a Departmental Editor for IIE Transactions and an Editorial Advisory Board member for Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering. She was also serving as the Vice President-International Activities of INFORMS, the Chairperson of Quality, Statistics, and Reliability division of INFORMS, and the President of Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division of IIE. She is a Fellow of IIE, a Fellow of ASME, an elected senior member of ISI, a senior member of ASQ, and a member of IEEE, INFORMS, and SME.

Research Interests

  • Analytics
    Data Analytics
  • Applications
    Medical Decision Making
    Service Systems
  • Ergonomics & Human Factors
    Human Motion
  • Quality & Applied Statistics
    Bayesian Statistics
    Design of Experiments
    Machine Learning
    Multivariate Analysis
    Quality Management
    Reliability & Maintainability
    Statistical Quality Control


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  • Paynabar, K., Jin, J., and Reed, M. (2014) “Informative Sensor and Feature Selection via Hierarchical Non-Negative Garrote,” Accepted by Technometrics (online version DOI:10,1080/00401706.2014.947383.)
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