Contact: Gwendolyn Brown

Assistant to the Chair

Industrial and Operations Engineering

(734) 763-1332

1877 IOE

Joshua Aaron

President, Business Technology Partners

Joel Brown

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations, OpenTable from 2001 - 2013

Dann Engels

Chairman at Orchid Industries

Jill Feldman

President, Strategic Development Associates

Kevin Gilligan

Chief Executive Officer, Governance Committee, Appvion, INC

Andrea Haas

Vice President of Manufacturing, Summit Polymers Inc.

Richard C. Jelinek

Retired, Personal and Family Investments

Erica Klampfl

Technical Leader, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

Jim Molloy

Managing Director, Citi

Ray Muscat

Industry Director, Tauber Institute for Global Operations

Allan F. Pfitzenmaier

CEO Bryllan, LLC

P. Craig Russell

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Elizabeth VerSchure

Vice President, Consumer Comfort, Parts and Service Support, GE Appliances

Bethany L. Weeby

Senior Vice President, Provider Experience, Care Credit, Synchrony Financial