Contact: Wanda L. Dobberstein

Undergraduate Student Advisor

Industrial and Operations Engineering

(734) 764-3297

1729 IOE


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Why choose Michigan? 

Choosing a university is a huge decision. If engineering, University of Michigan's College of Engineering is an outstanding institution with 9 top-ten programs. Students here are able to explore before committing to a department, empowering them (and you!) to see what interests you.

What is IOE?

Learn a little bit about how IOE makes a difference in the world. We're proud of our students in both undergrad and graduate studies, ranked in the top 2 in the U.S. They're able to apply their skills to a broad range of industries and disciplines.

Want to do research here as an undergrad? 

In today's competitive job market, it's important to have opportunities like undergraduate research in order to get highly-desirable skills for the workplace. Check out what opportunities are available to you, even as an undergraduate.

Interested in a combined undergraduate and master's degree program? 

Getting the most out of your time here might include graduating with your master's degree in addition to your BSE. Learn more about this program!