Contact: Nicole Casal Moore

Media Relations & Research News Director

Michigan Engineering

Communications & Marketing

(734) 647-7087

3214 SI-North

Media Inquiry

If you are a reporter or editor and want to get in touch with someone in the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering to discuss their research or ask for their thoughts on current events, Nicole Casal Moore or Gabe Cherry can help find the right person and put you in contact.

Nicole Casal Moore
(734) 647-7087

Gabe Cherry

Alternatively, if you are looking for an expert on a particular subject, you can contact our faculty directly.

Get to know IOE

Michigan Engineering Corporate Relations can arrange a customized visit that will give you an in-depth view of the people, places and exciting developments that pertain to your company's interests and challenges. After collecting a few details on your objectives and the technical areas you wish to explore, they will tailor your visit to include:

  • a strategy discussion where we clarify your specific objectives with Michigan Engineering;
  • meeting with faculty whose expertise areas best align with your research interests;
  • connecting with the students and student groups most likely to match your recruiting profile; and
  • tours of labs and facilities.

To plan your visit, contact the Michigan Engineering Corporate Relations office.

Host students

Advertise summer internship positions with the Michigan Engineering Career Resource Center.

Fund education

Support students through scholarships and fellowships. For more information, contact the Michigan Engineering Corporate Relations office.