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Current and Expected IOE DOCTORAL GRADUATES, 2016 - 2017

(current as of March, 2017)


Kayse Maass

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Personal Statement:
Kayse's current research is in the area of large scale optimization and decomposition methods that will enable mathematical models to efficiently incorporate rich data generated by big data. In particular, her primary research focuses on leveraging daily demand data to develop new methods of integrating various operations strategies into facility location models that mitigate the traditional hard capacity constraints. She shows that her modeling framework enhances system performance and can provide significant cost savings as compared to traditional models. Kayse also has ongoing collaborative research projects in the areas of healthcare and diverse group formation, and interests in the application of operation research methods to humanitarian logistics and anti-human trafficking efforts.

Additionally, Kayse is a recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award and the Joel & Lorraine Brown Graduate Student Instructor of the Year Award. She serves as President of the University of Michigan INFORMS Student Chapter, as a member of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee, and as a Graduate Student Coordinator.

Academic Advisor(s): Mark S. Daskin
Position sought: Academic, Industry
Availability: May 2016


Zohar Strinka

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Personal Statement:
Zohar M.A. Strinka's research is in the area of supply chain optimization under uncertainty. She focuses on supplier choice problems where suppliers are able to choose some subset of all demand to serve. She has studied both market selection problems and supplier-run auctions using a variety of tools including stochastic optimization and game theory.

Academic Advisor(s): H. Edwin Romeijn
Position Sought: Academic, Government
Availability: June 2016