Contact: Wanda L. Dobberstein

Undergraduate Student Advisor

Industrial and Operations Engineering

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1729 IOE

IOE graduates bring better engineering to the market. 

The IOE degree is an accredited engineering degree that opens doors to the technical arena and a wide spectrum of career opportunities. To reflect the wide array of career opportunities available to graduates, the IOE undergraduate program covers a range of topics. Students have the ability to concentrate in areas that coincide with their interests and career goals. They may focus in a particular area of IOE, or they may diversify considerably. With technical electives, students may make their program more engineering intensive or more business, social, or health science based. Regardless of the courses elected, each IOE graduate will develop advanced problem solving and optimization skills that can be applied to a number of specific fields.

The diversity in paths of University of Michigan IOE graduates is effectively demonstrated in the results from a recent survey of one thousand IOE alumni:

  • 26% described themselves as non-engineering related managers or executives 
  • 16% were in other non-engineering positions 
  • 7% described their current position as “Industrial Engineer” 
  • 11% described their current position as “Consultant” · 
  • Some graduates have even gone on to become Medical Doctors (0.4%) and Lawyers (1.8%)

Job Placement

Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) The ECRC, located at 230 Chrysler Center, provides a variety of services for students starting their career. They sponsor programs on resume writing and interviewing, just to name a few.

The ECRC also manages a job searching tool called ENGenius.Jobs. The tool lists future interviews by type or major, and students can access this information 24 hours a day. The job listings are for summer internships, co-op positions, and full time permanent employment.

 Get started with the resources below. 


Professional Organizations

Some professional organizations also have job boards. Use these to search for opportunities and network with other people in your field.