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Contact: Steven L. Ceccio

Associate Dean for Research

Michigan Engineering

(734) 647-7030

Room 1011 LEC

Research News

Regenerative med center groups top-ranked U-M areas

A new $11.7 million center at the University of Michigan aims to advance regenerative medicine to restore patients’ lost dental, facial and skull tissue.

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Transparent silver films for flexible displays, touchscreens and metamaterials

Just seven nanometers thin - about 47 silver atoms - and resistant to tarnishing. The secret? Aluminum.

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Making twisted semiconductors for 3D projection

Holographic displays need twisted light. Twisted semiconductors assembled with the help of amino acids may enable them.

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Major Projects

It doesn't always take a big grant to solve a problem, but it certainly helps.

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Researcher Profile

It began with a pair of pictures in a textbook on computational methods.

Karthik Duraisamy

Lab Facilities

Some of the best university facilities in the nation for a variety of research areas are here.

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Featured Research Video

Google-Funded Flint Water App Helps Residents Find Lead Risk, Resources

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Faculty News

Professor Peretz Friedmann selected to receive Klemin Award by American Helicopter Society International

Dr. Friedmann has received the Dr. Alexander Klemin Award from the American Helicopter Society International Awards Committee for notable achievement in advancing the field of vertical flight aeronautics.

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'Digital alchemist' seeks rules of emergence

Sharon Glotzer uses computer simulations to study emergence—the phenomenon whereby simple objects give rise to surprising collective behaviors.

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Gifts to endow the William Martin Fellowship Fund, continue funding to the John C. Lee Fellowship Fund

The William Martin Fellowship Fund and the John C. Lee Fellowship Fund support graduate students in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences.

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NSF Career Grant Recipient

Thanks to Jason Mars, “Siri” could get a whole lot more effective in the years to come.

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