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Professor Sara Pozzi elected Fellow of the American Nuclear Society

Sara Pozzi has been elected a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society. It is the Society's highest membership grade and recognizes the contributions made to the advancement of nuclear science and technology through the years.

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Giant Rubik's Cube installed at U-Michigan

A giant Rubik’s Cube newly installed on the University of Michigan’s North Campus is believed to be the world’s largest hand-solvable, stationary version of the famous puzzle

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Renovated nuclear reactor building opens as world-class labs

Inside the renovated Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, researchers in the nation's top-ranked program will advance nuclear security, nonproliferation, safety, and energy.

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Nicole Casal Moore
Media Relations & Research News Director
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The world’s largest free standing Rubik’s Cube

The 1,500-pound, mostly aluminum apparatus was unveiled today on the second floor of the G.G. Brown building.

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A self-healing, water-repellant coating that’s ultra durable

A self-healing, water-repellent spray-on coating developed at the University of Michigan is hundreds of times more durable than its counterparts and could enable waterproofing of vehicles, clothing, rooftops and countless other surfaces.

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Open-source software unlocks 3-D view of nanomaterials

A new open-source software platform enables researchers to easily create 3-D images from electron tomography data, then share and manipulate those images in a single platform.

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