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I am an international alum

Whether you left your native country to study at U-M or migrated away from America after graduation, you have joined the long legacy of international alumni at Michigan Engineering. You can continue to share your wide range of experiences and cultures with current students, faculty, staff or other alumni regardless of where you live.

International students at the University of Michigan go on a photo scavenger hunt that helps to familiarize them with North Campus. Photo: Laura Rudich, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing

Let us know where you are

Join Michigan Engineering as we connect and engage with our international alumni community during reunions, receptions and exclusive events in various regions around the world.

Stay Informed

Don’t lose touch with what’s happening at your alma mater. Find out about the cutting-edge research and developments taking place every day at Michigan Engineering.

  • MconneX: Through video, webcasts, special and in-person events, MconneX offers opportunities for alumni, students and faculty to engage with and learn from each other.
  • Michigan Engineer magazine: Informative and inspirational stories about the Michigan Engineering community and alumni.
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  • Email forwarding for life: Get your U-M email sent to whatever address you prefer and never miss an opportunity to reconnect with former classmates or teachers.


Find old classmates, make new friends or just take a stroll down memory lane with our events and online tools.

Learn about some of your fellow international alumni

Michigan Engineering alumni Dr. Harish Sheth

"My strength came from my Michigan Engineering experience. It made me what I am today."
Harish Sheth

Our alumni hail from around the globe, and each has a unique story to tell.