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How do I know what workshops I will get?

 Workshops are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Our new registration system allows you to select your workshops based on current availability. During your registration, if a workshop is full it will not be selectable.   

It is our hope that if you attend the program for 3 years in a row you will have participated in every department within the college.

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How can I ensure my child gets into a specific workshop that they really want?

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Workshops are limited to no more than 10 students.   As workshop dates and times are filled, they will be greyed out during the registration process.

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Can one adult bring two children?

Yes.  Since the adults and kids will be in different tracks one adult may bring multiple kids.   Additional kids must be entering 8th - 10th grade.  During registration you can add an additional child and additional adults to your registration.

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What are the age requirements?

Kids entering 8th grade - 10th grade are the target audience for this event. 

If you have older kids you might want to check out the engineering camps listed below:

  • Electrify Summer Camp - Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  • MI Bytes  - Computer Science and Engineering 
  • SWE Summer Engineering Exploration Camp - Society of Women Engineers
  • WISE Women in Science & Engineering Camps
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How do we get around campus to attend the workshops?

Parking will be available on north campus and all workshops are within walking distance.  Parking permits and maps will be issued to help you determine where to park. If additional assistance is required please note these details in the "special considerations" section of the registration process.

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Where do we park?

All participants will be issued parking passes the morning of the event.  Before parking, pick up a parking pass at 1221 Beal Avenue.  MAP  Parking attendants will be available starting at 7 am each morning.

Dorm Parking:  Participants staying in the dorms will receive a 3-day parking permit when checking into Baits the evening of June 22nd.   We recommend you keep your vehicle parked at Baits as it is a short walk to North Campus and parking is limited.

Parking passes must be displayed prominently on the dashboard of your vehicles. Parking maps will be emailed along with your itinerary 

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Where can we park if we have a handicap permit?

If you have a valid state-issued handicap parking permit, you will still need to obtain a parking pass in order to park on campus. A limited number of spaces are available on North Campus. Please indicate any special parking needs in the special considerations section of the registration process.

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What special accommodations can be made for me?

All workshops are in buildings that are handicap accessible.

All accessibility and special dietary requests should be noted in the "Special Considerations" section of the registration page.

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Is there another date and time that this program is being offered?

No. Discover Engineering is only offered once during the summer.
Please register early to help ensure a spot.

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What time should we arrive?

Parking and registration takes place from 7:30-8:45 am. Please come early as it takes about 30 minutes to get your parking permit, park, walk to the registration area, register and have continental breakfast. Workshop leaders will be at the tent to escort participants to their first workshop at 8:45. In order to keep on schedule, workshops start promptly at 9 am.   Additional information regarding parking will be emailed about 1 week prior to the event.

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Are there recommended hotels?


There are hotels located near the College of Engineering to the northeast; please contact the hotels for more information and be sure to ask for the University rate. Below are a few hotels closest to the College of Engineering:

Hampton Inn North
2300 Green Road Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 996-4444
UM 2017 rate:  ~$125 + tax/night - 2 beds
Visit their website.

MicroTel Inn
3610 Plymouth Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 997-9100
2017 rate $75 + tax per night - 2 beds
Visit their website.

Holiday Inn
3600 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 769-9800
2017 rate $110 + tax per night - 2 beds
Visit their website.

Residence Inn
3535 Green Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 327-0011 
2017 rate $219 + tax per night (2 room suite) 
Visit their website.

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What do I need to bring?

Please wear good walking shoes and bring an umbrella or rain coat in case of rain.

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I have food allergies. What special precautions are being taken with the food?

Discover Engineering Lunchs & Continental Breakfasts: There will be a couple food options for each meal.  If you have special dietary needs please be sure to note these in the "Special Considerations" section of the registration process. You may also email us at if you would like to provide more information.

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What is the cancellation policy?

If individuals need to cancel, a request for a full refund must be made via email no later than 5:00 pm on June 30th, 2017. We will be unable to issue any refunds after this date since we will have already incurred a majority of the costs for Discover Engineering. As a self-funded program, we cannot use public university dollars, and therefore refunds are not possible after the date noted above. Please consider this carefully when registering.

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Can I send a substitute person in my place?

Substitutions are allowed only if the substitute completes all the necessary forms (and returns them to us completed and signed) at least 30 days prior to the program AND the substitute matches the demographic of the person being substituted (an adult for an adult or a child for a child).

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What is included with the registration fee?

Your registration fee includes 2 workshops each day, continental breakfast, lunch, tour transportation and supplies for the workshops.

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How did you determine the rates for this event?

This program is self-funded so that it does not take away any necessary support from the colleges involved in the program. Rates are set based on the actual costs of conducting this event, including food, tents, bussing, promotion and many other ancillary items.

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Do I need to be a Michigan Engineering alum?

You do not have to be a Michigan Engineering alum to join the event.