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Endowed scholarships, fellowships and professorships support the successful future and growth of the College of Engineering by supporting our most promising students, scholars and faculty.


Endowed Scholarships

Scholarships help students make the most of their time at Michigan and the College of Engineering. Not only do scholarships reward serious study and academic achievement, they also encourage students to take on new challenges and push past old limits. For many students, scholarship support from the College of Engineering makes a critical difference in their decision to attend the University of Michigan.
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Endowed Fellowships

Graduate students at the University of Michigan College of Engineering will become some of the most promising researchers and academic pacesetters of the future. Endowed fellowships help these already proven leaders achieve their goals by easing the financial pressures of graduate education.
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Endowed Professorships

Ranking among the top engineering institutions worldwide, Michigan Engineering is in the enviable position of having more talented individuals deserving of this recognition than it is currently able to honor. These gifts contribute to the strength of the College by rewarding outstanding faculty members for their accomplishments and providing a flexible means of attracting leading talent to strengthen particular disciplines.
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Endowed Department Chair Administrative Positions

Endowed department chair administrative positions provide leadership resources needed to move the College's 12 departments/divisions to the next level of quality and acclaim. Such gifts advance departments' long-term, strategic priorities.
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The world is facing challenges, the likes of which it has never faced before. Because we are Michigan Engineers - the leaders and best - we are stepping up and committing our substantial resources and intellectual capacity to tackle these great challenges. But we need your help. Step forward with us - become a victor for engineering. Because the world needs victors.

Why I Give

“Our scholarship was set up by my dad who was a College of Engineering alum, in honor of his dad, also a College of Engineering alum, school of 1920. It’s so great to meet the student that’s benefitting; I just wish my dad and my grandpa were alive so they could see it.”

Olivia Bottum BA ’78, MA ’84, BS ’97