Contact: Melanie Zauel

Senior Director, Alumni Engagement

Michigan Engineering

Office of Advancement

(734) 647-7093

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The Michigan Engineering alumni board participates in a team-building exercise at Camp Michigania in May 2013 for its annual group meeting. Photo: Michael Zarobe, Michigan Engineering Alumni Relations

The Michigan Engineering network is almost 70,000 people strong. Tap into that community to make connections, stay informed, prepare for the future or even make a new friend!

  • Don’t lose touch with what’s happening at your alma mater.
  • Find out about the cutting-edge research and developments taking place every day at Michigan Engineering.
  • Re-connect with students or fellow alumni in your area or remotely.
  • Are you part of a business or organization that’s looking for the best and brightest to add to your staff? Find out how you can connect with Michigan Engineering students.
  • Find old classmates, make new friends or just take a stroll down memory lane with our events and online tools.

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Why I Give

“It all started with my dad … He not only got all the family through U-M, but also sponsored a lot of kids who could not afford to go to college. We were looking for an opportunity to do something in his memory and this is terrific. What a great way to perpetuate the legacy of my father.”

Ray Pittman BSE ME ’67, MSE ’68