Contact: Melanie Zauel

Senior Director, Alumni Engagement

Michigan Engineering

Office of Advancement

(734) 647-7093

LEC 2105

The Michigan Engineering network is almost 70,000 people strong. Tap into that community to make connections, stay informed, prepare for the future or even make a new friend!

  • Don’t lose touch with what’s happening at your alma mater.
  • Find out about the cutting-edge research and developments taking place every day at Michigan Engineering.
  • Re-connect with students or fellow alumni in your area or remotely.
  • Are you part of a business or organization that’s looking for the best and brightest to add to your staff? Find out how you can connect with Michigan Engineering students.
  • Find old classmates, make new friends or just take a stroll down memory lane with our events and online tools.

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Why I Give

“It all started with my dad … He not only got all the family through U-M, but also sponsored a lot of kids who could not afford to go to college. We were looking for an opportunity to do something in his memory and this is terrific. What a great way to perpetuate the legacy of my father.”

Ray Pittman BSE ME ’67, MSE ’68