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The College of Engineering offers several types of graduate degrees and certificates to help you meet a range of professional and academic goals. 

Master of Science (MS): Traditional master’s degree for students coming from non-engineering bachelor’s programs. May or may not lead to PhD. Requirements vary by program. 

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE): Traditional master’s degree for students who earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Requirements vary by program.

Master of Engineering (MEng): Practice-oriented program designed for both recent and experienced engineering graduates. Details in College of Engineering Course Guide and Bulletin.

  • Typically 30 credits
  • Complete in as little as 12 months (full-time), or two to five years (part-time).
  • Several online degrees available

Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS): Allows students to complete an undergraduate and Master’s degree in five years.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Full-time five-year research-based program. Develops skills that apply to careers both inside and outside academia. Michigan Engineering provides all PhD students with a tuition waiver, stipend and health insurance.

Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing (DEng): Graduate professional degree for students who have already earned both a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in any engineering or business discipline.  Details in College of Engineering Course Guide and Bulletin.

Other Dual Degree, Joint Degree and Certificate Programs

Public Policy



Masters vs. Doctorate

  • Apply to a master’s program if you plan to end your studies at the master’s level.
  • Apply to the PhD program directly if you plan to pursue a PhD (If you do not currently hold a relevant master’s degree, you’ll earn it during the first two years of the PhD program.)

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