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Susan M. Montgomery | Faculty

Susan M. Montgomery

G. Brymer Williams Collegiate Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Program Advisor, Chemical Engineering

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Profile Story

It’s clear Susan Montgomery goes above and beyond the call of duty as chemical engineering lecturer and undergraduate program advisor.

In addition to advising 450 chemical engineering undergrads, she informally mentors many other students. She serves as faculty advisor to the U-M chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the American Society for Engineering Education, and Ingenieros, a Spanish conversation group. She has participated in ally training through the Spectrum Center and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center to better understand the needs of the broad range of Chemical Engineering students.

Once on the tenure track, she switched to lecturing because her true passion lies in teaching and advising students. She has taught a variety of chemical engineering courses, including one she developed for grad students on engineering pedagogy.

“Our students just have tireless energy. They’re involved in so many things,” she says. “My biggest role is in believing in them and supporting them, and encouraging them to keep at it.”

She’s found her niche as a lecturer and undergraduate advisor. She is committed to offering herself as a role model to undergraduate students — both with her successes and challenges. Montgomery says many students know she almost abandoned her PhD program on three separate occasions because she doubted her ability to complete a graduate program.

She tells students about her perseverance through her graduate studies as evidence they, too, can meet the challenges of the program and achieve their goals.

She credits her graduate advisor at Princeton University for believing in her and guiding her to ensure she earned her PhD — which she pursued purely from a desire to teach chemical engineering at the collegiate level. She strives to apply this same level of dedication and encouragement to working with students, whom she affectionately refers to as her “kids.”

Montgomery, or Dr. M as many students know her, says her work to support struggling students is the most rewarding. She reviews all chemical engineering undergraduate transcripts at the end of each semester, commending students for outstanding work or improvement, while focusing on outreach to students who had a tough time.

“They say, ‘I couldn’t have done it without you,’ but they could have,” she says of her students. “I can direct people, but I cannot make them do it. I give them advice, and I give the students the credit for their success.”

Education & Experience


Princeton University
PhD ChE '91
MS ChE '91

University of Michigan
BS ChE '84


University of Michigan
Department of Chemical Engineering
Ann Arbor, MI

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, 2017-present
  • G. Brymer Williams Collegiate Lecturer, 2012 – present
  • Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Program Advisor, 1997 – present
  • Director, Multimedia Education Laboratory, 1993 – present
  • Lecturer IV, 1999 – 2012
  • Assistant Professor, 1993-1999
  • Research Fellow: Advisor, Professor H. Scott Fogler, 1991-1993

Princeton University
Department of Chemical Engineering
Princeton, NJ

  • Instructor (1 course), Teaching Assistant (1 course), 1987 - 1989

Mercer County Community College
West Windsor, NJ

  • Instructor, 1 course, 1988

Research & Teaching


Although Dr. Montgomery no longer has a formal research program, her lab has continued development of the "Multimedia Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering Equipment."



  • ChE 230 - Material and Energy Balances
  • ChE 342 - Mass and Heat Transfer
  • ChE 360 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
  • ChE 466 - Process Dynamics and Control
  • ChE 485 - Chemical Process Economics
  • ChE 487 - Chemical Process Simulation and Design


  • ChE 518 - Engineering Fundamentals in Biological Systems
  • ChE 580/ Engin 580 - Teaching Engineering

Other Courses

  • Engin 100 - Introduction to Engineering


    • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Regional Chapter Advisor of the year, Region 6, 2016
    • Named G. Brymer Williams Collegiate Lecturer, 2012
    • Featured Educator cover article by Chemical Engineering Education 40(3), Summer 2006
    • Teaching Excellence Award, 2002-03
      College of Engineering
    • Teaching Award, 2003
      Society of Women Engineers
    • Spread the Word/Campus Representative Award, 2002
      American Society for Engineering Education
    • Faculty/Staff Recognition Award, University of Michigan Latino Recognition Gala, 2002 and Latino Task Force, 1997
    • Advisor of the Year, 1997
      University of Michigan
    • Department Teaching Award, 1995
      Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan
    • Dow Outstanding New Faculty Award, 1995
      American Society for Engineering Education


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