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Moses Lee | Faculty

Moses Lee

Lecturer I in Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship

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Profile Story

Calling Moses Lee a jack-of-all-trades wouldn't be the slightest bit farfetched. In fact, the title might even fall short. As adjunct assistant professor at the Center for Entrepreneurship, assistant director of TechArb and proud new father, he certainly has his hands full. His secret? Besides copious amounts of caffeine, Moses adheres to one deceptively simple mantra: "I want to live purposefully."

With a mind for innovation and a heart for progress, Moses spends most of his time helping students plan out and perfect their business ventures. "I love working with students on their entrepreneurial dreams," he said, smiling. As the go-to mentor for all things startup, Moses has definitely watched more than a few of those dreams become reality.

Moses knows that every step—every triumph and every pitfall—is integral in the creation of an effective startup. "Even when students fail, they learn something." He speaks from experience: after a venture he created with a fellow University of Michigan alum lost momentum in 2007, he quickly followed up by co-founding the successful college portfolio platform, truApp, which will be reinvented as Seelio in the coming months.

"Even when students fail, they learn something."
Moses Lee

"It’s all about how you steward a business—how you use it for good and not just purely for profit," Moses insists. "You can be chasing lots and lots of money, but most entrepreneurs want to create a positive impact with their work."

Based on this, it's easy to see why Moses considers himself "a man on a mission." Fueled by incredible charisma (and a strong cup of Zingerman's coffee), he truly does live every second with a purpose. It’s one thing to help foster a lucrative student startup—but it's entirely different to enable that startup to change the world, and that’s just what he aims to do with every student he helps.

On the rare occasions that Moses does have spare time, he writes for his blog, and keeps student entrepreneurs up-to-date with Center for Entrepreneurship events on his Twitter feed, @mosesklee.


Unit: Center for Entrepreneurship

Worked at U-M since: August 2010

Key Responsibilities:

  • To direct TechArb, the U-M student venture accelerator.
  • To teach the entrepreneurship practicum course (ENTR 411) and introduction to social entrepreneurship (ENGR 390).
  • To mentor students on their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite place or activity in Ann Arbor: Coffee at Zingerman's; hanging out at Techbrewery; breakfast at Sava's.

Advice for new students: Make your lives extraordinary. Don't follow convention for the sake of following convention. Take risks while you are young!

Favorite free time activities or hobbies: Blogging.

Want to know more? Follow me on twitter, @mosesklee, or check out my startup,