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H. Scott Fogler | Faculty

H. Scott Fogler

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Vennema Professor, Chemical Engineering

3168A HH Dow
(734) 936-0116



Short Bio


University of Colorado
PhD Chemical Engineering '65
MS Chemical Engineering '63

University of Illinois
BS Chemical Engineering

New Orleans School of Cooking '85

Research & Teaching


Professor Fogler has graduated 38 Ph.D. students from his research group and has published more than 200 research publications. He and his students are well-known for their work in chemical reaction engineering in petroleum engineering, which encompasses a number of fundamental chemical engineering areas, specifically; reaction engineering, colloids, and multiphase flow. Research topics include: flow, reaction and precipitation; kinetics of wax deposition; fused chemical reactions; gelation kinetics; asphaltene deposition kinetics and remediation; colloidal phenomena; and catalyzed dissolution of minerals. In addition to funding by government agencies, an industrial affiliates program consisting of major oil companies has supported the research on flow and reaction in porous media for the past 26 years. A number of research results are now being used in industrial applications.


He enjoys teaching the undergraduate and graduate chemical reaction engineering courses, and a graduate-level seminar on strategies for creative problem solving.

Professional Experience

University of Michigan
Chemical Engineering Department
Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Vennema Distinguished Professor, 1984 - present
  • Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, 2003 - present
  • Department Chair, 1985 - 1990
  • Professor, 1975 - 1984
  • Associate Professor, 1971 - 1975
  • Assistant Professor, 1965 - 1971

Honors and Awards

University of Michigan - Chemical Engineering Department Awards

  • Excellence in Teaching Award, 1993
  • Excellence in Service Award, 1995
  • Excellence in Research Award, 1997

University of Michigan - College of Engineering Awards

  • Class of 1938 Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1971
  • Excellence in Research Award, 1980
  • Ame and Catherine Vennema Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering, 1984
  • Stephen S. Attwood Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research, 1995

University of Michigan - University Awards

  • Distinguished Faculty Service Award, 1971
  • Phi Lambda Upsilon Teaching and Leadership Award, 1977
  • Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, October, 1996

Named Lectureships

  • Adler Lectureship (Inaugural Lecture), Case Western Reserve University, April, 1994
  • McCabe Lecturer, North Carolina State University, April, 1994
  • Tis Lahiri Lectureship (Inaugural Lecture), Vanderbilt University, October, 1995
  • Harry G. Fair Lectureship, University of Oklahoma, May, 1996
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme Lectureship, University of Puerto Rico, April, 1997
  • Phillips Lectureship, Oklahoma State University, April, 1997
  • Johansen-Crosby Lectureship, Michigan State, December, 1999
  • MSM-UMR Academy of Chemical Engineers Lectureship, April 2003
  • Krug Lectureship, University of Illinois, May 2004

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

  • Dow Outstanding Young Faculty Award, 1972
  • Featured as ChE Educator in Chemical Engineering Education, 1978
  • Corcoran Award for Best Paper in Chemical Engineering Education (shared), 1993
  • Meriam/Wiley Distinguished Author Award (with S. LeBlanc), 1996
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Chemical Engineering Division, 2005

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)

  • Chemical Engineer of the Year Award, Detroit Section of AIChE, 1980
  • Fellow, June 1994
  • Warren K. Lewis Award for Contributions to Chemical Engineering Education, 1995

Other Honors and Awards

  • Chemical Manufacturers Association, National Catalyst Award, 1999
  • Fulbright Scholar to Norway, 1974
  • University of Colorado Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1987

Professor Fogler is the author of Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, which is estimated to be used by approximately 75 percent of all chemical engineering programs in the United States and is the dominant book worldwide. The fourth edition (2005) of the book was published with an interactive CD-ROM containing Living Example Problems, Interactive Computer Modules, Interactive Lecture Notes, A Professional Reference Shelf, Web Modules on both standard (Membrane Reactors) and novel (Cobra Bites) applications of chemical reaction engineering. The third edition was recently translated into Spanish and Portuguese. He and Professor Steven LeBlanc are co-authors of Strategies for Creative Problem Solving, which won the Meriam-Wiley Distinguished Author Award from the American Society for Engineering Education in 1996. A research monograph "Migration of Fines in Porous Media," co-authored by K. Khilar, was published by Kluwer in 1998.


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