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Michigan Engineering Adjunct Professor Frederick W. Buckman (BSE SE '66) and Marion K. Buckman (Dent.Hyg.Cert. '80)As committed alumni and donors, Frederick W. (BSE SE ’66) and Marion K. (Dent.Hyg.Cert. ’80) Buckman have provided a new gift to the College of Engineering to endow the William Martin Fellowship Fund and contribute additional funding to the John C. Lee Fellowship Fund, which they established in 2015. With these two funds for graduate student support, Dr. and Mrs. Buckman wanted to recognize two outstanding teachers and scholars in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences and their many contributions to the field of nuclear science and engineering: Dr. William Martin and Dr. John C. Lee. The gift qualified for the University’s Bicentennial Opportunity Matching Initiative for Student Support.

Dr. Buckman expressed, “The University and the NERS Department have been extraordinary in the support they have given me throughout both my education and my career.  And John Lee and Bill Martin are people I have admired for their contributions to teaching, research and administration for a very long time.  Marion and I feel grateful that we are able to do something which both recognizes the individuals and helps the Department and future students pursue their dreams.”

With years of executive leadership, Dr. Buckman is currently chairman and CEO of Powerlink Transmission Company, and former CEO of Consumers Energy, PacifiCorp and the Shaw Power Group. Also, he is an adjunct professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences advisory board, and serves on the department’s advisory board.

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