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Stephen Key Entrepreneurship Talk

In this Entrepreneurship Hour, Stephen Key shares with 407 students an alternate path they might take when an idea or product doesn’t necessarily require a business to be formed around it. He’ll tackle the hardships that go along with the licensing model as well as the many triumphs of his decades long career.

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The talks were part of Entrepreneurship Hour (ENTR 407), a weekly speaker series that invites distinguished members of the entrepreneurial community to share inspirational startup stories with aspiring entrepreneurs. The series is sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan.

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About the Speaker

Stephen Key is an award-winning product developer, a renowned intellectual property strategist, and a lifelong entrepreneur. The dozens of concepts he has brought to market have retailed in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and theme parks worldwide, as well as been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift. In 2001, Key cofounded inventRight, a one-on-one coaching program that has helped people from more than 40 countries license their ideas. One Simple Idea, his bestselling book about product licensing, has been translated into six additional languages. He writes about entrepreneurship and product development online for Inc., Entrepreneur, and the design website Core77.

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