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Two College of Engineering undergraduates, Kelly Henckel (BSCS ’18) and Becky Hill (BSAE ’18), were named as recipients of Aviation Week’s prestigious 20Twenties award for 2017. 

This award celebrates 20 highly-qualified aerospace-bound students from an international field of candidates. Final selection was not only based on exceptional academic performance, but also on communication skills and student contributions to the broader community. As recipients, Kelly and Becky will be honored at Aviation Week's Laureates Awards in March; at this event, they will have the opportunity to connect with some of the foremost innovators and leaders in the aerospace industry. 

About Kelly

Kelly Henckel

Kelly is a junior pursuing Computer Science Engineering with an emphasis on autonomous flight. She has experience with leadership in both industry and academia, including leading her own computer vision research project at Northrop Grumman. On campus, she works in the Autonomous Aerial Systems Lab under Professor Ella Atkins, where she has contributed to computer vision and flight software projects.

Kelly is also very dedicated to supporting women in engineering. As the founding president of the university's first female aerospace organization, Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as former officer for Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kelly has spearheaded professional development, mentorship, and community initiatives aimed to support women across the college of engineering.

 About Becky 

Becky Hill

Becky is a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering. She is the outreach committee chair of the AIAA student chapter and the Vice President and co-Founder of Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics. She is on the development team for a national high school aerospace robotics competition. Next summer, Becky will be interning for Boeing Commercial Airplanes as a propulsion and design analysis intern.

After graduation, she hopes to work in airframe design; she is especially interested in designing aircraft for humanitarian purposes or in adapting aircraft for special missions. Outside of her classwork, Becky enjoys reading, writing, teaching, hiking, and drinking too much tea.

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