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steimle and dentonIOE PhD Candidate Lauren Steimle and Professor Brian Denton have submitted an entry to the New England Journal of Medicine’s SPRINT Data Analysis Challenge. The goal of the SPRINT Data Analysis Challenge is to use the data from the SPRINT clinical trial to identify a novel clinical finding that advances medical science.

Steimle and Denton are part of a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and Stanford University. Their team developed a predictive model that could help clinicians decide if intensive blood pressure treatment is right for their patients. Intensive blood pressure treatment can reduce the chance of having a heart attack, stroke, or other major cardiovascular illness, but may increase the chance of experiencing a serious adverse event, such as kidney failure. The team showed their model could identify those patients most likely to experience benefits and least likely to experience harms of intensive treatment.

Each entry to the Challenge will receive a score determined by a combination of expert review and crowd-voting. The crowd-voting portion of the competition ends February 28th. You can view and vote for Steimle and Denton’s entry at

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