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The Industrial and Operations Engineering Department at the University of Michigan is running a new camp this summer from July 24th to July 28th, 2017 that is a unique opportunity for high school students. The Seth Bonder Summer Camp in Computational and Data Science for Engineering is intended for high school students interested in engineering who have no or minimal background in data science and computer programming. The camp only requires that participants are able to use a browser and have the desire to learn computational and data science through meaningful and exciting applications, in machine learning, optimization, computational social science, and genomics.

snapThe camp uses Snap!, a visual programming language that is easy to learn. Key concepts underlying computational thinking and data science are introduced in the context of relevant applications. The camp will combine lectures with significant lab time, during which students will develop compelling Snap! programs.

The camp is supervised by Pascal Van Hentenryck and an army of amazing graduate and undergraduate students in computer science and industrial and operations engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. They share a passion for teaching, technology, and the applications of technology for societal benefits. The camp is partly supported by a generous gift from the Seth Bonder Foundation. It is based on a course Pascal designed and taught at the Australian National University in the beautiful country of Australia in 2015. The course was intended for college students with no background in computer science.

Students will…

  • learn the Snap! programming language;
  • discover computation and data science;
  • see how data science is changing social science, medicine, biology, and engineering;
  • guess the mood of people from their tweets;
  • solve Sudoku effortlessly;
  • diagnose diseases from symptoms;

Students need only…

  • a desire to learn and have fun
  • the ability to use a web browser 

More information and an application are available at

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