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aero centenAerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan has reached a remarkable turning point and a unique opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments that have enabled the Aerospace Engineering department to be one of the best programs of its kind among major universities. The centennial celebration, held the weekend of September 18 - 19, 2014, provided an opportunity to recall our rich history of education and research, and celebrate our vision for the future.

Future of Aerospace Academics:

Introductions: Professor Carlos Cesnik, Aerospace Engineering

UM Moderator: Professor Earl Dowell, Duke University


  • Charbel Farhat, Chair Aero and Astro, Stanford University
  • Jaime Peraire, Chair Aero and Astro, MIT
  • Alec Gallimore, Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Aerospace Engineering, UM

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Women of Aerospace: Panel discussion with alumnae

Introductions: Professor Ella Atkins, Aerospace Engineering

UM Moderator: Karen Albrecht, Retired Lockheed Martin Executive


  • Debra Facktor Lepore, VP and General Manager, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
  • Jennifer Duke, Director of Aerodynamics, Pratt & Whitney
  • Beverly Goulet, Vice President & Chief Integration Officer, American Airlines Sandra Magnus, Executive Director, AIAA

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Flag Presentation:

Corey Brooker –Lockheed Martin & Aero alum ‘95 2014 – Orion Deep Space Vehicle – launching Dec. 4th will be flying a a University of Michigan flag

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Space Travel: Panel discussion

IntroductionsProfessor Jamie Cutler, Aerospace Engineering

UM Moderator:

  • Pete Worden, Center Director, NASA AMES
  • Participants: Lauri N. Hansen, Director, Engineering, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Robert E. Meyerson, President, Blue Origin
  • Mike Lutomski, Director of System Safety, Space X
  • Frank Demauro, Vice President and Program Director, Orbital Sciences

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Future of the Aircraft Industry: Panel discussion

Introductions: Professor J. Martins, Aerospace Engineering

UM Moderator: Meyer Benzakien, Ohio State University


  • Derek J. Kerr, CFO, American Airlines
  • Abe Karem, President, Karem Aircraft
  • John. J. Tracy, Chief Technology Officer & Senior VP of Engineering, Operations & Technology, Boeing

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Panel on Green Aviation: Panel discussion

Introductions: Professor Chris Fidkowski, Aerospace Engineering

UM Moderator: Kevin Michaels, VP ICF SH&E


  • Alan Epstein, VP of Technology & Environment, Pratt & Whitney
  • Sanjay Correa, VP, CMC Program, GE Aviation
  • Eric Dautriat, Executive Director, Clean Sky Joint Undertaking

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Centennial Dinner Celebration & Speakers


  • Dan Inman, Chair of Aerospace Engineering
  • UM Major General Bill Chen
  • Paul Adams, President, Pratt & Whitney

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Keynote: Skunkworks Today – Kelly’s Legacy

Kelly Johnson – Aerospace Engineering ’32 alum and founder of Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks

Speaker: Dr. Al Romig, VP, Skunk Works LMCO

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