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Nigel Francis, Senior Vice President, Automotive, Michigan Economic Development Corp.

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Each year, we bring together members of the automotive research community from across academia, government and industry to share our latest research developments. It is an opportunity to discuss Army-relevant efforts, and to leverage and transfer our efforts to industry.




Organized by the Automotive Research Center, In accordance with Cooperative Agreement W56HZV-14-2-0001, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC)

Case Study Presentations

  • Any fuel, any time, anywhere: Systematic Development of Fuel Surrogates to Enable Simulation-based Engineering of Omnivorous Military Engines
    • Presented by: Eric Sattler and Pete Schihl (TARDEC), Angela Violi (UM), Naeim Henein (WSU), Jason Martz (UM), Andre Boehman (UM), Marcis Jansons (WSU)
    • Watch the Presentation
  • Beyond Modular Vehicles: A Modeling Framework for Assessing Adaptability and Costs of a Modular Vehicle Fleet
    • Presented by: Richard Gerth (TARDEC), Panos Papalambros (UM), Bogdan Epureanu (UM), Kira Barton (UM)
    • Watch the Presentation