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MconneX logo - padded medium versionBryce C. Pilz, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law in the Entrepreneurship Clinic

Bryce C. Pilz provides this series of videos, designed to assist entrepreneurs during their start -up period. The videos are intended to provide general information on copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. The online program contains 62 brief, 3-5 minute videos on various aspects of IP. Whether you watch 1 or all 62 you will learn about intellectual property guidelines based on the most recent changes to the patent process in 2013.

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It is important to understand, not only the basics behind intellectual property, but how they relate to the launch of a potential technology venture.
A lecture series by Professor Bryce C. Pilz

About the Series

The videos are broken into five sections, with subtopics for each. The outline below will help you identify the topics and videos most important to you.

I. Introduction

II. Patents

  • An overview of patent rights
  • What can be patented
  • Obtaining a patent
  • Patent inventorship & ownership
  • Design patents
  • Patent infringement & litigation

III. Copyright

  • What copyright protects
  • Copyright ownership
  • Avoiding copyright infringement

IV. Trademarks

  • Obtaining trademark protection
  • Clearing your company or product name
  • Using trademarks of others

V. Trade Secrets

  • Protecting your trade secrets
  • Avoiding infringing others' trade secrets

About the Speaker

Professor Bryce C. Pilz is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Law in the Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of Michigan. He represents tech startups concerning intellectual property, incorporation, and financing matters.

Prior to joining the Law School, Pilz practiced at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in the firm's intellectual property practice and clerked for Judge Amy J. St. Eve in the Northern District of Illinois. Most recently, he served as Associate General Counsel at the University of Michigan, where he worked with the Office of Technology Transfer on startups and licensing.

Pilz was part of a team that spun-out more than 60 tech startups and entered into more than 500 technology licenses over a five-year period. Pilz also assisted in the creation of the University's Venture Accelerator at the North Campus Research Complex and advised the Center for Entrepreneurship on student entrepreneurship matters. Prof. Pilz has also served as a National Science Foundation I-Corps mentor and teaches in the University's Master of Entrepreneurship program.

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Bryce C. Pilz , Clinical Assistant Professor of Law in the Entrepreneurship Clinic at the University of MichiganBryce Pilz - Director of Licensing for U-M Tech Transfer, Bryce supports the Licensing Staff in working with faculty from around campus to commercialize inventions created at U-M. Bryce works closely with partners from other entrepreneurship-related programs around campus to support technology venture creation and entrepreneurship.

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