Contact: Susan Montgomery

G. Brymer Williams Collegiate Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Advisor

Chemical Engineering

(734) 936-1890

3142 Dow

Chemical engineering students participate in a game night for the U-M student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Department of Chemical Engineering

AIChE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Join AIChE and get exposure to a wide variety of ChemE companies and network with classmates and faculty! They host luncheons, run our mentorship program, arrange corporate informational sessions, IM sports teams, plant tours and social events.  

ChE Car – ChE design team

The ChemE Car competition sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) requires the development of a shoe-box sized car designed and calibrated to run for a pre-determined distance and to carry a certain amount of weight. The car must be fueled by a chemical reaction and stopped by a chemical reaction.

OXE – Omega Chi Epsilon

ChE Honor Society

You are eligible to join the organization once you have completed your first three ChE courses with high academic standing. Apart from attending intimate info sessions with a wide variety of companies, OXE members participate in service events, social events, and tutoring sessions open to all ChE students.

AXE – Alpha Chi Sigma

Co-Ed Professional Chemistry Fraternity

Our activities include: weekly tutoring, coaching a Science Olympiad team at Angell Elementary, introducing basic science to elementary school children and chemistry to high school students, hosting the Bartell Lectureship series, community outreach events (Habitat for Humanity, Food Gatherers, Relay for Life, etc.), and many social events, open and closed, often times at our fraternity house, but also other locations, like for our camping trip, our annual LSA vs. COE winter football game, and so on.

Chemical Engineering Graduates Society (ChEGS)

This group plans social, outreach, and professional development opportunities for chemical engineering graduate students and faculty.

FISA – Food Industry Student Association

Exploring career paths for engineers in the food and beverage industry.

We host informational sessions from various food companies and industry speakers such as General Mills, Kellogg's, and Domino's, attend plant tours and provide volunteer opportunities to our members. We also pursue project opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the food industry. We have an aquaponics facility in the Washtenaw Food Hub and are helping the Fireside Cafe on North Campus become Green Restaurant Certified! Please contact us at for more information.

MPEDD – Michigan Process Equipment & Demonstration

MPEDD is a multidisciplinary engineering organization. We aim to expand on the theoretical knowledge base of engineers at the University with real, hands-on experience, and we aim to educate future engineers about what engineers really do. To do this, we will be designing and building equipment used in industrial processes and demonstrating them to interested undergraduate classrooms and high school students. Industry representatives will also visit to give presentations about their process(es) at their company, and MPEDD will also be lecturing on various topics to strengthen theoretical knowledge of the group members.

SPE – Society of Plastics Engineers

Experience opportunities and network in the plastics industry

SPE Michigan is just wrapping up our first year on campus, and we are looking for underclassman interested in gaining real experience within the plastics industry. In the next year we plan on hosting several engineers from plastics companies to learn more about their careers and the opportunities their companies have to offer. We also plan on taking a few trips to plastics manufacturing facilities to gain first hand experience and learn more about their operations. Lastly, we would like to use our contacts in the plastics industry to work collaboratively with other sustainability focused university organizations to reduce our campus’ carbon footprint.

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