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Chemical Engineering

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3074E H.H.Dow

Laura Hirshfield | Faculty

Laura Hirshfield

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering

3126 Dow

Phone: (734) 647-4645
FAX: (734) 763-0459


Chemical Engineering Faculty

Short Bio


Purdue University
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering '13

University of Michigan
BSE Chemical Engineering '09

Research & Teaching


I focus on design and project-based learning in engineering. I am investigating how these authentic experiences contribute to students becoming prepared for engineering practice, with regards to encouraging engineering confidence and self-efficacy and developing engineering and professional skills.



Undergraduate ChE Course

ChE 488 & 489, Product Design


Honors and Awards

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowship
Ross Fellowship
Magoon Excellence in Teaching Award
Committee for Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA) Teaching Award

Recent Publications

L. Hirshfield and D. Chachra. “Task Choice, Group Dynamics and Learning Goals: Understanding Student Activities in Teams,” in Frontiers in Education. October 2015.
L. Hirshfield, D. Chachra and C.J. Finelli. “Structuring Team Projects to Improve Engineering Self-Efficacy,” in Research in Engineering Education Symposium, July 2015.
L. Hirshfield, D. Chachra and C.J. Finelli. “Relating Project Tasks in Design Courses to the Development of Engineering Self-Efficacy,” in American Society of Engineering Education Annual Meeting, June 2015.

L. Hirshfield, E. Içten, A. Giridhar, Z. K. Nagy, and G. V. Reklaitis, “Real-Time Process Management Strategy for Dropwise Additive Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products,” J. Pharm. Innov., vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 140–155, March 2015. DOI: 10.1007/s12247-015-9218-5

L. Hirshfield, J. Whinnery, D. Gilbuena and M.D. Koretsky. “A Study of Feedback Provided to Student Teams Engaged in an Open-Ended Project,” in American Society of Engineering Education Annual Meeting, June 2014.

L. Hirshfield, A. Giridhar, L. S. Taylor, M. T. Harris, and G. V. Reklaitis, “Dropwise Additive Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products for Solvent-Based Dosage Forms,” J. Pharm. Sci., vol. 103, no. 2, pp. 496–506, Dec. 2014. DOI: 10.1002/jps.23803