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Chemical Engineering

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Andrej Lenert | Faculty

Andrej Lenert

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

G062W NCRC B28


Chemical Engineering Faculty

Short Bio


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Mechanical Engineering 2014
SM Mechanical Engineering 2010

University of Iowa
BSE Mechanical Engineering 2008


  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department 2016-
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering, 2014-2016



At the Lenert Lab, we study transport at the nanoscale and apply this knowledge to develop tailored materials for system-level improvements in power generation, energy storage, thermal management and desalination. Here are several avenues of our ongoing research efforts:

  • We focus on solar energy systems that utilize the full spectrum of sunlight and are compatible with inexpensive storage such as thermal and chemical.
  • We study and develop nanoporous composites with tailored transport properties and control over the spectral content of energy flow for applications in building thermal management.
  • We probe fundamental transport at the nanoscale by integrating optical and micro-fabricated platforms with environmental and thermal control.

Our work is multidisciplinary and collaborative. We aim to complement experimental efforts with models in order to complete our understanding and optimize our designs. Ultimately, we aim to help address global challenges at the energy-water nexus by bridging the gap between system level design and mesoscale materials science.



Please see Google Scholar or ORCID for a full list.

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