Contact: Pamela Bogdanski

Department Administrator

Chemical Engineering

(734) 764-7368

3074E H.H.Dow

North Campus Building Finder


* all phone area codes (734)
Offices in Herbert H. Dow Building or G.G. Brown Laboratories or North Campus Research Complex.
Note: The "B" at the beginning of North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) offices stands for Building.
NCRC Building Map

Saadet Albayrak-Guralp Lecturer 3086 HH Dow
Barkel, Barry Adjunct Professor 647-3093 2632 Beyster
Barteau, Mark Professor 615-9521 3001 Phoenix Lab
Burns, Mark A. Chair, Professor 764-1516 3074F HH Dow
Carnahan, Brice Professor Emeritus 764-3386 3094 HH Dow
Curl, Rane Professor Emeritus
Donahue, Francis M. Professor Emeritus      3098 HH Dow
Engel, Michael Adjunct Assistant
Research Scientist
B10-G032 NCRC
Eniola-Adefeso, Omolola Professor 936-0856 B28-G046W NCRC
Fisher, Galen Adjunct Professor 764-5512 3170 H.H. Dow
Fogler, H. Scott Professor 936-0116 3168A HH Dow
Glotzer, Sharon C. Professor 615-6296 B10-A177 NCRC
Gulari, Erdogan Professor 763-5941 B28-1041W NCRC
Hirshfield, Laura Lecturer 647-4645 3126 Dow
Hunter, Shawn Adjunct Professor
Jacob, Karl Lecturer 3086 HH Dow
Kadlec, Robert H. Professor Emeritus
Kim, Jinsang Professor 936-4681 2098 HH Dow
Kotov, Nicholas Professor 763-8768 B10-A159 NCRC
Kushner, Mark Professor 647-8148 2236 EECS
Lahann, Joerg Professor 763-7543 B10-A175B NCRC
Larson, Ronald G. Professor 936-0772 B10-A150 NCRC
Lenert, Andrej Assistant Professor  647-4107 G062W NCRC B28
Lin, Xiaoxia (Nina) Associate Professor 647-8026 B28-G054W NCRC
Linderman, Jennifer Professor 763-0679 B28-G045W NCRC
Linic, Suljo Professor 647-7984 B28-1046W NCRC
Mayes, Heather Assistant Professor 647-1756 B28 G064W NCRC
Montgomery, Susan M. Lecturer 936-1890 3142 HH Dow
Nagrath, Sunitha Associate Professor 647-7985 B-10 A184 NCRC
Putnam, Andrew Associate Professor 615-1398 2154 LBME
Rouillard, Jean-Marie Assistant Research Scientist 763-4722
Savage, Phillip E. Professor Emeritus
Schwank, Johannes W. Professor 764-3374 3014 HH Dow
Scott, Timothy Assistant Professor 763-3493 B28-1044W NCRC
Shea, Lonnie D. Professor 647-6319 1119 Gerstacker
Shtein, Max Assistant Professor 764-4312 2014 HH Dow
Silbaugh, Trent Lecturer 3086 HH Dow
Solomon, Michael J. Professor 764-3119 B10-A151 NCRC
Tadd, Andrew Lecturer 763-8755 3090 HH Dow
Thompson, Levi T. Professor 936-2015 3020 HH Dow
Thurber, Greg M. Assistant Professor 764-8722 B28-G056W NCRC
Tuteja, Anish Assistant Professor 615-2972 2046 HH Dow
van Anders, Greg Research Investigator NCRC B10-G046
Violi, Angela Professor 615-6448 3005 EECS
Wang, Henry Y. Professor 763-5659 3024 H.H. Dow
Weber Jr., Walter J. Professor Emeritus 763-2274 4103 ERB
Wen, Fei Assistant Professor 764-8723 B28-G058W NCRC
Wilkes, James O. Professor Emeritus 764-3366 3094 HH Dow
Yang, Ralph T Professor 936-0771 3110 HH Dow
Yeh, Gregory S. Y. Professor Emeritus        764-9236 3042 HH Dow
Ziff, Robert M. Professor 764-5498 B28-G060W NCRC


* all phone area codes (734)
Offices in Herbert H. Dow Building or G.G. Brown Laboratories or North Campus Research Complex.
Note: The "B" at the beginning of North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) offices stands for Building.
NCRC Building Map

Africa, Michael Senior Computer
Desktop Support
764-0012 B28-G130W
Anderson, Joshua Research Area Specialist Lead 647-8244 B10-G033
Bacus, Connie Research Process Coordinator 764-0023 B-28 1045W NCRC
Barr, Chris Instructional Lab Supervisor 763-1336 3114 HH Dow
Bogdanski, Pamela Department Administrative
764-7368 3074E HH Dow
Bracken, Laura Secretary 763-1361 3168 HH Dow
Chen, Xiaoyin Research Area Specialist Lead 647-3093 3038 HH Dow
Choi, Saemin Lead Engineer in Research  717-8247 3034 MMPP
Coulter, Karen Program Manager 764-0683 B10-A176 NCRC
Cromer, Simone Assistant to the Chair 936-3314 3074 HH Dow
Downey, Jennifer Faculty Support Generalist 763-6942 3074 HH Dow
Fellers, Shelley Administrative Assistant 764-2383 3074 HH Dow
Fuchs, Marylee Assistant to the Chair 763-0041 3074 HH Dow
Hamlin, Susan Graduate Program Coordinator 763-1148 B28-G040S NCRC
Jackson, Dana Facilities Manager 647-9828 3074C HH Dow
Jent, Rhonda Grants/Contracts Accountant 764-4340 3074D HH Dow
Johnson, Brian Biochemical Microsystems
Research Engineer
764-8130 B28-G007E NCRC
Mintz, Barbara Undergraduate Student
Administrative Assistant
647-9876 3146 HH Dow
Neff, Laurel Undergraduate Student
Administrative Assistant
647-9876 3146 HH Dow
Perry, Barbara Faculty Support Generalist 764-2384 B-28 1043W-1A NCRC
Raickovich, Kelly Assistant to the Chair  647-6207 B28-G067W
Swisher, Sandra Communications and Alumni Relations Coordinator 764-7413 3118 HH Dow
Ware, Cassandra HR Assistant Senior 764-4659 3074D HH Dow
Westin, Mary Beth Faculty Support Generalist 763-1681 B10-A170 NCRC
Wiegand,Jennifer Instructional Laboratory Technician 936-3938 3122 HH Dow
Wolberg, Paul Software Engineer 764-9173 B28-G044W NCRC
Wood, Katherine Research Process Coordinator 647-8119 3010 Dow &
B28-G070W NCRC
Zeinali, Mina Senior Research Laboratory Technician (617) 817-1591 NCRC- 303W-3D B20