Fall 2016

Seminars are from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., in 1017 HH Dow or NCRC Building 10 Research Auditorium, unless otherwise noted.

September 13, 2016

Professor Yuriy Román
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topic: “Architecture at the nanoscale: Design principles for next-generation catalysts in energy applications”
NCRC B10 Research Auditorium


September 20, 2016

Megan Donaldson
Dow Chemical Company
1017 H.H. Dow
Topic: “Reactive Chromatography for Process Intensification”

September 27, 2016

Professor Kristen Fichthorn
Pennsylvania State University”
NCRC B10 Research Auditorium
Topic: “Shape-Selective Growth of Nanoscale Materials: Insights from Multi-Scale Theory and Simulation"



October 4, 2016

Professor Eric Shusta
University of Wisconsin-Madison
NCRC B10 Research Auditorium
Topic: “The Blood-Brain Barrier: An obstacle and an opportunity”

October 11, 2016

Professor Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo
Princeton University
1017 H.H. Dow
Topic: “Single-junction molecular solar cells with photovoltages > 1.4 V to
power electrochromic windows””

October 13, 2016

Blue/Green Seminar at Michigan State University
Professor Rachel Segalman
University of California Santa Barbara
East Lansing, MI
Topic: “Organic Thermoelectrics and Thermal Batteries”


October 25, 2016
5:00-6:00 p.m.

The Walter J. Weber, Jr. Distinguished Lecture in Environmental and Energy Sustainability
Professor Marc Edwards
Charles P. Lunsford Professor
Virginia Tech

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library
Topic: The Flint (2015-2016) and Washington D.C. (2001-2004) Drinking Water Lead Crises:  How Scientists and Engineers Betrayed the Public Trust.


November 1, 2016

Professor Kathleen Stebe
University of Pennsylvania  
1017 H.H. Dow
Topic: “Curvature-driven fluxes of colloids”

November 8, 2016

Professor David Flaherty
University of Illinois
NCRC B10 Research Auditorium
Topic: “The Direct Synthesis of H2O2 and Green Oxidations: Eliminating Needless Chlorine”

December 6, 2016

Professor Eranda Nikolla
Wayne State University
NCRC B10 Research Auditorium
Topic: “Molecular approaches toward the development of active and selective catalysts for energy and chemical conversion”