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SURE participant and Aerospace Engineering (2013) undergrad Ryan Kitson (right) works on a flight test vehicle (FTV) that is part of the X-Hale Project created by Aerospace Professor Carlos Cesnik with Alex Moyes (left). The X-Hale project is an experimental vehicle outfitted with strain gauges, accelerometers, and other measurement devices along with a data collection system to compare the behavior predicted by the simulations to real experimental data.Over the summer, as part of SURE, Kitson helped manufacture, assemble, and flight test the FTV in preparation for executing flight tests with sponsors at a restricted airspace in Indiana at the end of August.

The Aerospace department welcomes new research talent. Our students and faculty push many boundaries in aerospace engineering from the combustion of biofuels in jet engines and advanced optimization programs to improve commercial aircraft to plasma thrusters for space exploration. You could be a part of it — learn more about applying to the Aerospace graduate program.

Undergraduate opportunities

Undergraduate research is an important part of the Michigan experience. Students have a range of opportunities to get involved in research within Aerospace or elsewhere in the University.

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Most Aerospace professors welcome motivated undergraduate students who are interested in exploring their area of research. Aerospace independent study courses allow students to engage in research for credit, or some faculty offer lab work for pay. Advice on connecting with Aerospace research.