The University of Michigan Aerospace Department's wind tunnels have been a major tool in the research of many thousand of aerodynamic projects, such as testing wind gusts on air crafts, wing-let advancements, University of Michigan solar cars, University of Michigan SAE formula cars, and so forth. In this photo, Chris Chartier, Aerospace Senior Engineering Technician, demonstrates use of the wind tunnels.Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & MarketingGasdynamics is the study of compressible flows: either around aerodynamic bodies (external flows, aerodynamics or fluid dynamics) or through engines (internal flows or propulsion). Gasdynamics is important for numerous aspects of aerospace engineering, such as airplane aerodynamics, helicopter aerodynamics, jet propulsion, rocket propulsion, advanced propulsion, properties of the space environment and many others.

At Michigan, courses in the gasdynamics curriculum cover topics such as incompressible flow, compressible flow, viscous flow, turbulence, plasmadynamics, non-equilibrium and rarefied flows, jet and rocket propulsion, electric propulsion and computational fluid dynamics, among others. Research at Michigan covers a wide array of topics of current interest in gasdynamics. Some particular strengths of Michigan's research program in gasdynamics are listed below. In addition, particular research topics are listed on faculty members' web pages.

NameAreaResearch page
Luis Bernal Turbulence, aerodynamics Propulsion and Turbulent Combustion Laboratory
Iain Boyd Nonequilibrium flow, hypersonics Nonequilibrium Gas and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory
Karthik Duraisamy Computational Science and Engineering, Aerodynamics, High Speed Flows, Turbulence modeling and simulation Computational Aerosciences Laboratory
James Driscoll Supersonic combustion Propulsion and Combustion Engineering Laboratory
Mirko Gamba High Temperature Gasdynamics Gas Dynamics Imaging Laboratory
Krzysztof Fidkowski CFD, adaptation, error estimation Personal page
Alec Gallimore Electric propulsion, plasma physics Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Lab (PEPL)
Benjamin Longmier Electric Propulsion, Space Propulsion, Plasma Physics, Space Systems Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Lab (PEPL)
Kenneth Powell CFD, space physics CSEM, CRASH
Venkat Raman Computational Combustion, Numerical Analysis, Turbulence, Rare Events Bio page
Philip Roe CFD, nonequilibrium flow, hypersonics Keck CFD Lab
Timothy Smith Electric propulsion, plasma physics Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Lab (PEPL)
Bram van Leer CFD, algorithm development Keck CFD Lab

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