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Department Chair

Aerospace Engineering

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Back row: Eric Krieg, Juan Carlos Ortiz (Board Chair), Jeffrey Hamstra, Richard Auhll, Mark Anderson, Jim DeBoer, Corey Brooker, John LaFondFront row: Siva Banda, Karen Albrecht, Dan Inman (Aero Chair), Jennifer Duke, Robert Meyerson


Aerospace Engineering

Our external advisory comprises leaders from aerospace and related industries and government labs. They meet with department faculty and students on a regular basis.

Dr. Kevin Michaels (Committee Chair) 
Vice President 

Ms. Karen Albrecht 
Certified Career/Personal Development Coach & Motivational Speaker

Mr. Richard Auhll
Chairman, BoD 
Surgical Eye Expeditions

Dr. Siva S. Banda
Chief Scientist, Air Systems Directorate  
Air Force Research Laboratory (Liaison)   

Mr. Corey G. Brooker
Staff Systems Engineer - Systems Analysis Integration
Human Space Flight - Project Orion

Mr. Jim B. DeBoer
Senior Principal Systems Engineer 
Aerodynamics Department, GNC Center

Ms. Jennifer Duke
Director, Aerodynamics
Pratt & Whitney

Mr. Joseph Ensor
Vice President and General Manager
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Mr. Jeff Hamstra
Senior Fellow 
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Dr. Naveed Hussain
Vice President, Aeromechanics Technology
Boeing Research & Technology

Mr. Eric Krieg
Design Fellow Discipline Lead
Product Lifecycle Management Chief Architect
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

Ms. Trudy F. Kortes
Chief, Space Technology Project Office
NASA Glenn Research Center

Mr. John LaFond
AC Comm. Co-Chair & Dir
Ford/UM Prog

Ms. Debra Facktor Lepore
Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Operations
Ball Aerospace

Mr. Robert Meyerson
Blue Origin

Mr. Juan Carlos Ortiz 
Senior VP Business Development
Aernnova Engineering US, Inc.

Dr. Kenneth M Rosen, PhD, NAE
Principal Partner
Aero-Science Technology Associates, LLC

Mr. Sri Srinath
Product Segment Manager - Surface Material Handling Products
Caterpillar, Inc.

Previous Industrial Advisory Board Members

Mr. Paul R. Adams
Pratt & Whitney 

Mr. S. Pete Worden
Center Director 
NASA Ames Research Center (Liaison)

Mr. Mark Anderson
Former Boeing Executive